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This day feels like the beginning to me. It was not a week ago or even 12 days ago… this day feels like the start.

Today is a day that will be full of abundance and wisdom… This of course was the day that the Magi arrived… That is as far as my magical mind will go into the mysteries of Christianity. I prefer to follow a much more pagan and far more disorganized path…

Saturday was most amazing because I was able to be a part of an initiative for the movie “Epiphany” by Andrew Adams… A movie of how a man finds redemption through touch on a massage table. The making of this movie is something that I have supported for a couple of years. It is very heartening to see it coming together with a shooting date set for sometime at the end of March of this year. If you would like more information or are interested in supporting this ground breaking adventure, contact Andrew.

Over the last seven days I have had my own “Epiphany” around how I advertise and promote my services. On Saturday I set up meeting groups on social media (where I am not censored, but allowed). You will see much more of the Awaken Studio in the course of this year.

As I start the Salon Series on Wednesday evening I am growing exited and continuing to open rather than shut down in anticipatory anxiety… Breathing, Smiling and Action all help. The M4M Touch Exchange group will happen on Sunday January 13th. Registration is still open.

Let your Light Shine at Awaken Studio

I continue to be inspired by the “Gypsy” chandelier. All that LIGHT. All that COLOUR. All that SPARKLE. YUM


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For information about Erotic Bodywork for Men in Toronto please visit my website at

As of the 1st of June 2012 I resigned as Coordinator for the Body Electric School in Toronto

I am now after more than 10 years of Facilitating Men’s Work presenting my own workshops

Experiential Embodiment Workshops for Men – Toronto 2012 Taoist Erotic Massage Workshops and Facilitated Embodiment Experiences Toronto Workshops Fall 2012

•Taoist Erotic Massage – September 21, 22 and 23

•Deeper Touch – Anal Massage  – October 26, 27 and 28

•Taoist Erotic Massage – November 9, 10 and 11

•Full Body Experiential Experiences and Multi Orgasm for Men – November 30, December 1 and 2

Workshop fee is $250.00 for the weekend Interview and Prior Registration Required

Contact Phillip Coupal Counselling + Coaching + Bodywork at:

Presented at the Awaken Studio

270 Carlaw Avenue Unit 102, Toronto Ontario, M4M 3L1

The blog article from this date has been removed at the request and insistance of the Body Electric School administrator as he felt it was defamatory to the school.

By speaking of my departure from the school I meant no malice to the school andI mean no malice now. Please see all information about the new series of workshops that I have developed. Experiential Embodied Erotic Explorations

I wish the Body Electric School all good will in all of their endevours.

Best regards


At some point in time due to a demand of the Body Electric School I took this blog article down.

February 28, 2014 – I am placing  it back on the internet as I feel it is a very important part of my experience, learning and education. This article tells the world my side of the story. I feel I have been bullied and forced into keeping silent. I am placing this back onto my personal page and letting it speak for itself. If you have questions contact me. As always LOVE Phillip

My heart today as I move forward… – Juicy Heart

by Phillip Coupal

An offering…

How I got to be where I am today and my departure from the Body Electric School or … being jetisoned into reality.

June 2012, just a few days before the Power Surrender and Intimacy workshop, here in Toronto, I was told by the school administrative assistant that I was “irrelevant”. This action on the part of the school and the subsequent defense by the school’s director clearly pointed out to me that I was not respected. I became very aware, very quickly, that in-fact for all of the work that I had done in my community and for the promotion of the school over the five years that I was coordinator, that I was held in contemptuous regard by the administrative staff and the director.

Shortly after being told that I was “irrelevant” I resigned from my position as local Coordinator for the Body Electric School in Toronto. The struggle had become intolerable. My resignation was tendered for two basic reasons.

  • First, my values and the values of the director of the school were at direct odds. This confrontational relationship meant that everything was a struggle and that bringing the workshops to fruition was not happening with either ease or the respect for client care that I demand.
  • Second, the school was misrepresenting itself as a business entity in Canada. This misrepresentation was putting me in serious jeopardy in relation to my business and my financial integrity. All of this in reference to the American company not being registered with Revenue Canada, in order to conduct business, collect payments and remit taxes in Canada. All this in addition to the fact that all payments for Canadian workshops were to be transacted in Canadian funds and despite all reassurance this was not happening.

Simply put, I was unable to accommodate what was being asked of me and I was unable to do what I had committed to do. All that I had done with relative ease for the past five years had fallen apart. I was unable to present to areas of my community that were interested in the work, I was unable to sell what had become an overpriced commodity, and I was unable to reconcile the lack of communication and inept client care that was being delivered to me by the school’s administration.

Alas, happily I am now working on my own. I have an exciting and dynamic lineup of workshops for the fall. The new work that I present has been inspired by Joseph Kramer, the founder of the school, and many of the school’s faculty, who have taught me well over the years. I am glad that I am able to present to areas of my community that are receptive to the work. I am relieved that I am able to price the work in a way that is affordable and reflects the needs of my surrounding community. I am delighted that I am able to work day-to-day in a transparent way without the struggle and encumbrance of an organization that felt unstable.

I am very glad to be where I am now. I am grateful for the release and expansion into the breadth and depth of operating a heart centered business.

If you would like more information about the workshops that I am producing, the events that I am facilitating, or the experiential body awareness programs I offer, or if you would simply like to know how you can become more a part of the experimental, experiential, educational, and embodied erotic community here in Toronto please check my website (click on the calendar button), drop me an email or call me at 416-557-7312.

Generated with love, Namaste.


Phillip Coupal

Counselling – Coaching – Bodywork – Group Facilitation

Sex Coach – Sacred Intimate – Erotic Educator

Awaken Studio 270 Carlaw Avenue, Unit 102 Toronto Ontario Canada



Erotic Embodiment Classes

Weekend Workshops Toronto Fall 2012

Awaken your Body Mind Heart Spirit

Erotic Embodiment – Dancing on the Ecstatic Path

August 31, September 1 and 2

Taught by Phillip Coupal

Desire, Breath, Trance and Full Body Exploration

Erotic Embodiment – Taoist Erotic Massage

September 21, 22 and 24

Taught by Phillip Coupal

Genital Massage for Men with Breath and Embodied Orgasm

Erotic Embodiment – Anal Massage

October 26, 27 and 28

Taught by Phillip Coupal

Anal Massage for Men with Breath and Prostate Exploration

Erotic Embodiment – Taoist Erotic Massage

November 9, 10 and 11

Taught by Phillip Coupal

Genital Massage for Men with Breath and Embodied Orgasm

Erotic Embodiment – Full Body Multi Orgasm

November 30, December 1 and 2

Taught by Phillip Coupal

Genital Massage for Men with Breath and Embodied Orgasm

It is never too early to register for any of these workshops.

Please let me know if you would like more information



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In June of 2012 I resigned as the Toronto Coordinator for the Body Electric School. For personal growth workshops in Toronto that work with sex, sexuality, eros, and erotic explorations visit my website at Please see the Calendar link on the left or visit the News page

Power Surrender and Intimacy

with Dave Allen

June 8th, 9th and 10th for the first time in Canada. Make sure to be a part of this ground breaking venture as Canada plays a greater role in the work of the Body Electric School. No need to travel into the United States, east or west as we are now offering this workshop in Canada. We will be using the new awaken studio safe space specifically design to accommodate the work of the Body Electric School in Toronto. There will be French speaking men staffing this workshop in order to accommodate all needs. In Toronto we are very proud to extend a warm welcome to men from all parts of Canada and beyond.

Join in a journey that honors the dynamics of S/M play and its role in expanding self-awareness. This workshop creates a safe space for establishing connection, exploring intense body sensation and expressing intentional physicality. Along with erotic touch, emphasis is placed on creating conscious intentions, learning how to know and ask for what you want, and practicing exquisite attention. Methods used include spanking, bondage, flogging and other methods of high body stimulation as well as reclaiming masculine icons for ourselves. Expect heightened awareness of your body’s capacity for sensation, a greater sense of personal empowerment, and appreciation for the connection between the divine energy of power and the human energy of surrender.

The workshop begins Friday 7pm to 10, Saturday 9-7pm and 9 to7pm on Sunday The price of this workshop is $495.00 and the early registration $50.00 discount has been extended. The fee is $445.00 CDN dollars.

For information or to register please contact me at

Presented by the Body Electric School – Toronto

Sometime I can become obsessed with a project…

Today when I mentioned this to my husband… I said something like … “I feel bad because I have become obsessed with this latest project” He in turn surprised me and replied. That my obsessions were some of my best attributes and sometimes the result of the obsessive work was some of my most brilliant creation.

I was surprised. I had always thought that those projects that could consume my entire energy were not my best moments… Sometimes I just have no clue of what those around me are truly thinking. I am glad my husband shared his experience. I am glad because I had a little insight into myself that I often do not see.


Sometimes things are not as they appear... Strega Rome 2010


The physical act of smiling.

The very action of smiling begins to shift me from what might be a hard focus, a stern gaze. Allowing for the physical action and the chemical stimulation that comes with smiling creates a shift in my being. This change in my being in turn shifts my attitude and shifts my focus, softens not only my physical countenance but softens my mental state.

If smiling could be the beginning of action this could be a good place to start any kind of action.

Today I will smile and soften.

Smiling INTO Action – November 2011
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Seeking a vibration that is in sync with the world around me.

I notice today that I am vibrating at a really high frequency. This high frequency is about play and action and motion and dancing. I seem to be out of sync with a world that is dark and gloomy, rainy and foggy. I am breathing to sync the two. I know that if I breath and become more aware of the world around me the sync will actually happen.

Today I will breath deeply and align with the reality of the world around me.

Vibration ~~~~~~~~

Pink has an energetic resonance with me.

Funny that which I was so ashamed of many years ago can rise up in me to be  such a powerful symbol of strength and energy. The colour pink is to me what I imagine totem figures are to some. I am constantly drawn to how this colour brings a smile to my face, relaxes me, stimulates me. Yes I know those words that just came out are contradictory… there you go. Some things, some external influences can have mysterious powers.

I adore what the colour pink does for me!

Today I will make sure that something that is PINK will be against my skin, reminding me…

Practicing being FLUID

Today I will practice and experiment with being fluid. I am working to be more spontaneous, more flexible, more easy-going.

The focus is on being more…. more me first! More acknowledging and authentic with my desire,my curiosity and my sense of fun. The knowledge that springs from this is to be less attached.Less attached to any outcome, judgement or rigidity.

Becoming fluid and flowing… ❤ Love the Juicy Heart

Fluid and BEing the Cock of the WALK - London October 2011


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Building my resources today in preparation for the next two days.

I am giving myself plenty of time and space to build energy, focus and clarity for the days ahead. I am grateful today for all of the wealth of past experience. 

Today I will revel in the abundance of choice that is created for me from the wealth of material that enriches my past.

Choosing from the wealth of past experience - Mexico 2008

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Ontario ~ October 6, 2011

Get OUT and VOTE! ❤

October 6, 2011 - Ontario - Get OUT and VOTE! ❤