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Joyful – Juicy Heart

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Random
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Joyful …


There seems to be a simple joy in me. That part that wonders and plays and mucks about in creation. I live that part and wish that I could be in that part all of the time.Unfortunately I can only access that part of me some of the time, I can only remember that part is in me. I need to remember mor often and come into this Joyful, Playful part and get mucky more often.

LOVE the mucky, murky, joy in the play of creation…

Bird and Snake - Heaven and Earth - Toronto 2012



From a description of the work of American artist Grant Wood:

“very often people see something in it that reminds them of themselves”

I love to look at the Grant Wood print that is hanging in my gallery. The print is called “Spring in Town”. I often like to look at this print and see where i fit in, see what I am doing today, see how I can be all or perhaps nothing of what is in the scene.

I learn about myself from the reflections of myself that I see on a daily basis. From this learning I can choose to adapt, change, keep or discard, re-write, edit or  record.  Knowing and implementing choice can sometimes be challenging but as the young gardener in my print I am cultivating and from that cultivation the seeds I sow can be fallow or dry and others can flourish and blossom. In order for the garden to grow it must first be cultivated. Learning from the reflections of myself is a part of how I cultivate who I am.

Today I will look for the reflections of myself.

“Spring in Town” by Grant Wood as seen through a reflection – July 2011

Grant Wood

Phillip Coupal