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Naked Yoga for Men
at the Awaken Studio

This is more than just another yoga class where you are with a bunch of sweaty bodies pushing beyond limits to attain the unattainable!
The Naked Yoga classes for Men at the Awaken Studio honour the form of the male body, respecting the experience, elasticity and strength of each individuals form.

These yoga classes do not take place in an environment where the teacher is going to kick your ass into shape!
The Naked Yoga classes for Men at the Awaken Studio take place in an environment that respects connection, sharing and the concept that we all learn better when we are taught by peers.

The classes do not offer an unattainable dream of who you at supposed to be, what your body is capable of or what your expectations should be of yourself and who you are.
The Naked Yoga classes for Men at the Awaken Studio
 offer a supportive environment where you can be more of yourself and follow your path.

Come and experience the atmosphere, tone and presence of a studio environment that supports you and offers you a place to develop, change and grow as the glorious man you are.

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May JOY be with you!