Some MORE about – Phillip Coupal – Juicy Heart

Some of my day to day of me as a BEing in the world at large.

My intention here is to share with you my experience, existence and my vision of the world. This might include how the world shapes me or works through me. This might include how I see the world in a graphic sense and might also include my verbal reactions to the work.

If you have questions of want more about me please contact me at

See the working side of my world at

From my opening entry June 1, 2011

It is difficult to be juicy when I am wondering all kinds of stuff about what this is and the commitment and … YahDah YahDah YahDah

I do get juicy when I think with excitement that this might be something new.

So here goes a new piece of my entry into the world… the world of cyberspace but also the world of communication… I hope that this will be a window into a little or a lot more about me.

Actually I get juicy when I think that this is the window and there I am exposing myself to the world… 😉



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