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Awaken Festival

Lighting UP Your Erotic Life

Tantra – Yoga – Breath – Movement – Massage for Men at the Awaken Studio

Registration and Information Below

May 1 - 6:00 to 10:30, 
May 2 - 9:30 to 7:00 
May 3 - 9:30 to 8:00

Awaken Studio – Toronto


Today World AIDS Day. December 1, 2013

Waking up to feeling like the MISFIT that I am. Realizing and knowing that I don’t really fit in, I don’t really belong and I never have. Even in the groups and organizations that I felt like I belonged to and was a part of for so long I realize now that I was simply too different to fit in.

For a long time I felt that being so different was a problem. Being so different made me an outcast and undesirable. Something is different today. Something inside of me has changed.  Something is different and I am finally, after cresting past middle age, realizing that all the stuff that makes me so different and such a MISFIT is actually what makes me myself. I don’t have to be a victim of this MISFIT, QUEERNESS.

Today I feel powerful and I can actually let all that QUEER ENERGY and all that sense of not belonging feed my POWER and my SENSE OF SELF. This is the place where I can make that QUEER MISFIT, into a BEING that is FIERCE and BOLD and full of the wholesome richness of life and love. I do not have to be afraid, ashamed or guilty that I am so different. I can bring that BIG, BOLD and FIERCE, QUEER out into the world and some good and kind and gracious LOVE into the community that I am a part of. 

I finally able, at this point in my life, to look at myself and feel good about what I have done and what I am doing. What is that you ask? What are you doing?

What I am doing with my life these days is creating a space, a community that welcomes and embraces all that is diversity in men who LOVE men. The Awaken Studio is that physical place. A space and place for men to come together and be a part of. A part of what we can create together, a part of what we each put in and a part of what we will each take away. An urban space and downtown place welcoming all of the energy of not belonging. An open, welcoming and hospitable place where men can bring their queer energy.  This queer spirit can be focused and channeled and sculpted  into creating community,events and gatherings for all men who love men.

Check out the Queer Heart Talking Circle, a gathering for all queers and all men who are willing to dedicated themselves and create a safe, welcoming and honouring environment. A gathering where men who love men can come together and share their Queer Heart and LOVING Gay Spirit.

For more information about the Queer Heart Talking Circle gatherings contact Phillip and the Awaken Studio at:

Queer Heart Talking Circle - Awaken Studio - Toronto MORE?

Queer Heart Talking Circle – Awaken Studio – Toronto MORE?

Open HeartedSome might call this optimistic. Some might call this naive.

I say that for today I will be open hearted.I will challenge myself to be in a state where I am curious rather that judgemental. I will work with myself to be open to what is passing my way rather than holding out for something better or for the perfect moment. I will be responsive and resourceful. I will look for opportunity and I will be proactive in picking up the opportunities and offerings as they appear.

Loving and Living from my heart. Carpe diem

Breathing helps!

-♥- Open Hearted -♥-

-♥- Open Hearted -♥-


Check out my new workshops at

Contact me by email or by phone at 416-557-7312

A few words to remember especially when everything is a blur…

Words of reassurance

Dear Phillip,
I am so sorry to hear that you are no longer the … for the
events… Phillip,  you may be unaware
that you have helped me greatly along my path of self discovery over the last
several years. The workshops I have attended, the exquisite connections
followed by the touch exchanges the following day, have helped me immensely to
come to terms with who I really am and I thank you greatly for all of it.
I hope to be able to join you yet again along my wonderful and amazing
life-path. Hope to see you again soon. …

Words of encouragement

Congratulations on your new venture and your independence!!!!  That is exciting.  Please let me know how I can support you.

I would love to talk to you about doing a workshop in Toronto.  …  Let me know.

Much love to you and keep up the fantastic work you are doing keeping the cold north heated up!

Words of Support

I LOVE YOUR OFFERINGS!!!!!!  We’re looking at our schedule to see if we can make any.  the kink sounds fascinatin!

Words of Encouragement

I wish all people well that are sharing the erotic journey and having the courage to be out there as teachers and facilitators. I admire your strength and openness.

Thanks for the email update.

Words of Love

My experience of you, as you know, is one of love, tremendous commitment, strength, boundless joy, and a tremendous work ethic. … I wish you all the best, and so hope that we can work/play together again sometime soon.

 Be very well, and have a great summer.


Simply a few things to remember…

A few words to remember especially when everything is a blur...

A few words to remember especially when everything is a blur…


I am very happy to be announcing my new series of workshopd for the Fall here in Toronto!

Check my website for further intformation

Erotic Embodiment

Experiential Erotic Education Weekend Workshops Toronto Fall 2012

Awaken your Body Mind Heart Spirit

Erotic Embodiment – Dancing on the Ecstatic Path

August 31, September 1 and 2

Taught by Phillip Coupal

Desire, Breath, Trance and Full Body Exploration

Erotic Embodiment – Taoist Erotic Massage

September 21, 22 and 24

Taught by Phillip Coupal

Genital Massage for Men with Breath and Embodied Orgasm

Erotic Embodiment – Anal Massage

October 26, 27 and 28

Taught by Phillip Coupal

Anal Massage for Men with Breath and Prostate Exploration

Erotic Embodiment – Taoist Erotic Massage

November 9, 10 and 11

Taught by Phillip Coupal

Genital Massage for Men with Breath and Embodied Orgasm

Erotic Embodiment – Full Body Multi Orgasm

November 30, December 1 and 2

Taught by Phillip Coupal

Genital Massage for Men with Breath and Embodied Orgasm

It is never too early to register for any of these workshops.

Please let me know if you would like more information

Honouring the Divine

Kent Monkman

A little investigation into the creator of – “The Academy”

A CBC Documentary

His website

Another part of …

Miss Chief Eagle Testikle


What I see everyday…

I enjoy this business card so much. I don’t really know why I enjoy it, I have never really thought about it. But there it is, I look up . I enjoy the raw quality of this broken masculine image looking back at me.

I like that phrase … broken masculine image… ♥

Check the work of this local Toronto painter at Stev’nn Hall

This is also about the joy I have at having a camera in my hand all the time. I like where this photographic journal is going and the expression that it is generating. I love the ease of use.

View from my Desk - 9am - Toronto 2012




a view or prospect, especially one seen through a long, narrow avenue or passage, as between rows of trees or houses.

such an avenue or passage, especially when formally planned.

a far-reaching mental view: vistas of the future.

Ingo Maurer and Zettel’z 5 are on their way to our dining room! YAY! Another poem in a delicious and delightful way!

The impulse turned to action and there was little judgement and little back and forth dithering and indecision. I look forward to the arrival of Zettle’z 5 the newest addition to home!

Zettel'z 5 it is Settled - January 2012

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Moving AHEAD!

Knowing GOD… Playing in the Divine… Being a bright and shining BOY…

Moving Ahead... Toronto 2011

Coming soon more new for the Downtown Swim Club


Spin – Juicy Heart

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Which way to spin?

Doing administration and a lot of design in preparation for the Swim Club and their new website.

I think I will spin PINK!