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Sometimes I fell like I will tumble over and sometimes I feel like I am balanced and able to negotiate my way without loosing my balance…

The edge is always there and I simply need to proceed. What is the worst that could happen? I could fall over or I could keep wandering along being fearful.

So I will dance on the edge and be naive and full of joy. Am I in denial of the edge? No! I am simply choosing to stay within myself and not let the outside elements affect me or make my experience something that is outside of me.

Today I will remain within my vessel, my integral space. I will dance and sing and be joyful when someone chooses to join. I will trust that I am being watched over and taken care of.

Watched over... Toronto January 2012

Sometime I can become obsessed with a project…

Today when I mentioned this to my husband… I said something like … “I feel bad because I have become obsessed with this latest project” He in turn surprised me and replied. That my obsessions were some of my best attributes and sometimes the result of the obsessive work was some of my most brilliant creation.

I was surprised. I had always thought that those projects that could consume my entire energy were not my best moments… Sometimes I just have no clue of what those around me are truly thinking. I am glad my husband shared his experience. I am glad because I had a little insight into myself that I often do not see.


Sometimes things are not as they appear... Strega Rome 2010


Joy FULL – Filled with Joy.

When I purposefully put Joy into my thoughts, consciousness, heart, I can feel the change. I can feel my mood shift.

When I feel myself becoming filled with anxiety, overwhelm or debilitating administrative thoughts, I think of something joyful, playful, something that will make me smile and I can feel the shift the change. Within that change I can begin to fill with dreamy thoughts, big thoughts and much more affirming material. I can take a breath and change my mind.

I love my mind, I can change it in a moment. I can fill, evacuate and refill all within my grasp, my ability to be powerful.

Today I will be Joy Full. I will continually fill my mind and my being with Joy.

Floating Joy - Piazza Navona Rome 2009


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ECSTASY : a state of being beyond reason and self-control

Being beyond reason is foreign, unknown; however, it is not undesirable. Beyond self-control is even more familiar and almost unfathomable. There is no other place that I would rather be than in a state of ecstasy.

Ecstatic and Sexy at the same time could be a lot of fun. That would look like sexy beyond reason and self- control. That might look a little different from all the controls and reason that I typically have in place.

Today I will allow for beyond reason and self-control. Today I will let myself be ecstatic.


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Possibilities = a Juicy Heart!

I find that always knowing and searching for possibilities keeps me curious and Juicy.

Looking for the possibility. Seeing how something, anything really, could endlessly open into an astounding range of possibility is an enjoyable pursuit of mine. This to me is like problem solving or perhaps being optimistic. Possibilities keeps me cheerful and happy.

Today I will be open to the possibility… ❤

There is always possibility in shiney objects... especially jewellery

Knowing I am loved helps me stay in a juicy state.

Knowing that I am loved, seen, understood and most of all included lets me maintain a state or being that allows for more of me to come forward. I am a ravenous little hog when it comes to love and the expressions of love I find around me. The simplest expressions: a smile, an offering, a little note, a tiny expression will reassure me and opens the channel for me to bring my own self love forward. Loving myself and feeling the love of others is a path for me.

All the while, knowing the more I love myself, the more love I will feel from others and the more love I will be able to generate to give to others. A delicious cycle.

Today I will see the love around me and allow for more of the richness of me to intermingle with the cosmic. ❤

Love, God! - A lovely note form a wonderful lover... ❤

Loving the Loverly JUICY Heart.

Travelling JOYFULLY Home

The journey continues as I return home today.

There is a spring in my step and I feel light, excited and happily relieved to be on my way home. Like the little dog in the photo I feel like I am bounding along, paws off the ground, tail in the air!

Today I will travel joyfully filled with the pleasure of returning home to the arms of my husband. ❤

Travelling home with a bounce in my step! August 16, 2011

TODAY is all about the BERRIES! I love the termFrutti di Bosco”, the Fruit of the Woods.

I love berries and they are good for me! I will share my yummy treat that I made for the day.

Whenever I have this delicious treat I feel like I can be Pan in the forest, a satyr in the wood…


Strawberries – Raspberries – Blueberries – Blackberries

Slice the strawberries, toss in the raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. Sprinkle with a little sugar or drizzle a little honey, add some finely grated lemon zest. Sprinkle all with a little Lemoncello or a bit of orange juice. Toss all together. Cover and let sit for the afternoon. It is better if the berries not kept cold but left at room temperature. The berries will ripen and their flavour will blossom if they are allowed to be a little warm. 

Drizzling Sauce

Sour Cream – Sugar or Honey – Lemon Zest – Lemoncello or Amoretto or Orange Juice

Sprinkle about 2 or 3 table spoons of sugar or honey over a pint of sour cream. Add the finely grated zest of one lemon and a couple of  tablespoons of Liqueur or Juice and stir together. The consistency should be of thick cream. Add more or less liquid to get to the consistency you like.


Meringues, Croissant or Brioche, Day Old Cake. A few tablespoons of sweet and flavourful liquid.  One piece or slice for each portion.


Splatter a big spoon of the Drizzling Sauce on a plate. Break the base up into 2 or 3 pieces, scatter pieces over the Drizzling Sauce on the plate and sprinkle with some Vin Santo, Orange Juice or Liqueur. Splatter a bit more Drizzling Sauce over the base. Generously scatter lots of Berries and their juice over the base. Splatter some more Drizzling Sauce over the Berries. Voila!

Serve at once encouraging everyone to sop up all of the juice and the sauce on the plate with whatever you have used for the base.

TODAY I will enjoy my berries.

“Berries with Drizzling Sauce” yummy! – Aug 2011

If you are looking to find ways for you to be inspired and find activities that can sooth your soul I might be able to serve as a guide. Contact me at: Phillip Coupal 

Cooking and being inspired in the kitchen opens my spirit and feeds my soul.

I love to be in the kitchen cooking and preparing food for my husband, family and friends.

When I am in the kitchen and preparing food I am nourished by the love that I feel for what I am preparing.My imagination can go in all directions and I love how I feel when I am putting together ingredients, sampling what I have put together and finally presenting and offering my preparations for others to feed and nourish themselves with. I feel inspired, confident and full of pleasure when I am cooking.

I like and enjoy how I feel when I am cooking. I feel excited that I can find myself in the joyful and calm and knowing place within myself as I put together food that will appeal, nourish and excite those that gather around my table. I am grounded and powerful in the kitchen. I like this feeling and I know I can use this sense as a template for many other areas of my life.

Today I will enjoy cooking for a large crowd of friends.

“Kitchen Helper” one of the toys that surrounds the space where I cook – July 2011

If you are looking to find ways for you to be inspired and find activities that can sooth your soul I might be able to serve as a guide. Contact me at: Phillip Coupal