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MMMMMM The Juices are flowing!

Doing and Doing and BEING INSPIRED and allowing the flow.

Being aware of what is happening in my body as I take care of my work, allows for more information to come to me. I am more able to remember and concentrate if I allow for free flow in my body. I become very aware of my breath and making certain to breath slow and easy. Filling my lungs and exhaling in whatever way serves me best: a yawn, a sigh, a puff, a long moan, a smile, a laugh.

Today is a day where I am full of blissand pleasure even though there might be what could be experienced as a lot of external pressures. Deadlines and anxious energy seem to be all around me. As I smile and breath and picture the flow of energy through my body I can be free.

Today in my work with Men I have been Coaching Body Awareness, allowing for free flow and unfettered expression.

Today I feel Free and Empowered knowing that I am IN MY BODY!

❤ the JUICY Heart