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Holi – a festival of abandon.

References to this event are often made as playing Holi. This festival of colour and a celebration of the riot that happens as Spring takes over the world holds a place dear in my heart.

I love the idea of playing with abandon and letting oneself get into the muck of what is. Playing in all this colour and the riotous quality of what one has no control over can be exhilarating and freeing.  The story of Krishna playing with the milk maids as a lowly goat heard is inspiring… The thought that good can transcend evil and that everything will be okay as long as we remain faithful is a source of strength. God to me is the divine nature and internal source that we all have in our own individual self.

Here is a description of the background of the festival:

Originally known as the ‘Holika Festival’, this ancient Indian festival has been part of the nation’s tradition for over centuries already. It is celebrated on the last full moon day of Phalguna, a month in the Lunar Calendar which falls between February and March. It marks the beginning of the spring season where colors spring to life to beautify the surroundings even more. Furthermore, it is the day when the Hindus pay homage to their legends.

According to Hindu beliefs, Holika is a devil who has the gift of immortality. He was defeated by Vishnu, the main Vedic god of preservation and the universe. It is this story of good triumphing over evil which is the main cause for the Holi Festival. It constantly reminds the people that everything will be okay as long as they remain faithful to their gods.

However, it is not only the religious anecdote in which the whole celebration is based. The act of wetting people with scented water and subsequently dumping them with bright powder colors came from the Hindu belief that the god Krishna is fond of playing pranks on little girls. He loves dumping them with water and bright colors.

Healing through play… smiling helps and the JOY of life to be found in the act of Celebration.

Next eventSunday April 7th 1:00 to 6:00 at the Awaken Studio

Men 4 Men Touch Exchange

Men learn to give and receive erotic and sensual touch in a healthy, safe,supportive,  uplifting and honouring environment

  • Explore your erotic, sexual and sensual self,
  • Explore in an environment  that supports, encourages and assists emotional and erotic journeys that promote holistic healing,
  • Explore within a group of heartfelt and courageous men, feel less isolated and create more connections within a supportive community
  • Explore the connection between erotic expression and a sense of well-being and wholeness

This event welcomes all men no matter their sexual identity or orientation. Men of all levels of experience and knowledge are welcome, together we are able to learn from and with each other.

This event welcomes all who can open themselves to a sense of adventure and exploration in the realm of their body, on a physical level as well as on an erotic and sexual level.

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Intimate Erotic Touch Exchange for Men - Toronto

Intimate Erotic Touch Exchange for Men – Toronto

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