Today I will explore how to prolong my state of Bliss. How to extend that which I opened up yesterday. Today I will extend the sensual pleasure into realms without touch. My pleasure will be in my vision, my awareness, what I let into my body. Today I will open and reopen the places in my being that opened yesterday. The state of bliss, seems to me, to be connected to the cracking open of my heart, the radiance of my passion, the removal of the encrustations of shame. When I am shameless and feeling everything I can be in a sustained feeling of Bliss and therefore Joyful.

Today I will dance on the ecstatic path with bliss ~ and a smile. ❤

Blissfully naive, playing in the water - Florence 2007

Interested in living in a state of sustained Joy, Pleasure, Bliss please visit my Bodywork page at

  1. What I opened up yesterday:

    I am so BLESSED. ♥
    I spent the afternoon leading a group of Men Touching Men. ♥
    Men learning and expanding themselves to give the most wonderful
    and generous massages, full body experiences of touch, to each other.
    This is the real WORK OF MEN. ♥
    Giving generously, kindly, truthfully and with spirit to each other. ♥

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