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1956 – Juicy Heart

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Random

Celebrating the year of my birth… and being anticipatory of Christmas

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Excitement the totally JUICY state.

Cultivating and developing excitement and the glory of anticipation is a life long pursuit with me. I revel in the joy and pleasure of all that can be savoured in a prolonged period of excitement.

YES! This is all about SEX and YES this is all about living every day. I feel so much more, life force, juice and pleasure when I can be excited. Especially when my excitement is about what is happening, and what is going to happen and what has happened. I am in a state of JOY so much more often when I am excited and reveling in what is going to take place.

I can even feel this excitement about filling in a form and submitting documentation that needs to be painstakingly put together. I sometimes need to look at the far bigger picture to get the thrill in place.

Today I will feel all of the excitement about having a day. I will revel in the glory of what is. I will smile and enjoy every flash of pink and feel all the JUICE I have. This will be my challenge and my meditation for the day.

Excitement - Creating a JUICY State - Toronto December 2011

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