1956 – Juicy Heart

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Random

Celebrating the year of my birth… and being anticipatory of Christmas

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  1. Someone wrote to me asking of the significance of these photos…each of the images really have some significance for me.

    The Silver Dollar Coins
    My Mom had a collection of dollar coins that I stole and traded for a pop and then when the vendor called her and told her to come and get me and then gave her back the coins they were stolen in a burglary as we were on a summer vacation.

    The illustration of Chrysler cars
    My father drove cars with two colours and wings I think a New Yorker was one of the first.
    The Canada Dry Ginger Ale advertisement
    Canada Dry Ginger Ale was a treat that we were allowed at Holidays only. My parents bought like a case of six that had to last all of Christmas

    The Eatons Catalogue page for Cowboy outfits
    I had a Cowboy outfit just like the guy in the middle. I don’t know where it came from most likely a trip to Vancouver. My pistols were silvery alloy metal with white fake ivory handles!

    The Eatons Catalogue cover
    The Eatons catalogue was a favorite as I would cut it up and build a world of make believe different that the trailer that I grew up in and a different place than the forests and cow pastures of Northern British Columbia

    The Simpson Sears Catalogue cover
    The same with Simpson Sears. These catalogues represented a cosmopolitan life that I could only dream of. There were only Five and Dime, Stedmans and a store called MacKenzies they all sold stuff that looked faded and farm like and the catalogues seemed very fashionable.

    The Boy and Girl on the motorbike
    My sister would ride with her boy friend on the back of a little 50 cc motor cycle to the lake and back… The lake was about 10 miles way and very often we would all be in the back of a pick-up truck after school to go to the lake for a bunch of wild and crazy fun in the water and on the beach.

    The Bathing Suit ad
    Again cosmopolitan, plus my Mom had suits and bathing caps that looked just like the ones illustrated.

    The Fiat 600 illustration
    The Fiat 600 is just a nice illustration of a cute car. I always dreamed of being someplace else far away and not anywhere near where I grew up.

    The Pontiac Club de Mar
    If this car was actually real it would have been a dream. My father was a mechanic and had all sorts of automobile catalogue books that showed all of the parts of a particular make model and year. I had all of the cars memorized and often played a game of recognizing the cars and trucks for make and model and year as they sped past.

    The TCA Airplane and logo
    The TCA airplane although bigger than the DC3’s that flew into Williams Lake represented a whole life style that I never thought that I would be able to have. The logo is so of it’s period, before the graphic quality that came out of the CN logo and the CBC logo that were designed in the 60’s, the maple leaf and the colour of the TCA loge were totally of their period.

    The Pacific Great Eastern railway
    The PGE railroad was the rail line that served from Prince George and perhaps places north through to Vancouver. PGE was often recalled as Please Go Easy . Pacific Great Eastern, PGE, was later renamed BCR or British Columbia Railroad and then taken over by the American company that purchased CN and other railroads.

    Each image of it’s own time and each with a nostalgic significance.

    Glad I was born in 1956 as I got to see a part of the world that few perhaps have seen.

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