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Dancing on the Ecstatic Path.

February 4th and 5th 2012 – Downtown Toronto
Bridging the Energy of Earth and Sky with the Energy of the Heart
A Two Day Exploration of Erotic Energy flow.

Presenting Erotic Education for all who identify as male.
Facilitated events to designed to explore and educate in regard to touch, eroticism, sexuality and spirituality.
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Dancing on the Ecstatic Path is a new exploration, a workshop/playshop. Partnering with teachers from various traditions Phillip Coupal presents Erotic Education for men of all sexual orientations and identifications. In February of 2012, William McMeniman from the Boston area will be teaching with Phillip. The workshop is two days of erotic and sexual exploration.
The workshop will explore: touch, movement and breath while delving into an ecstatic experience. The exercises are designed to stimulate an introspective opening into the physical, erotic and spiritual body and the body’s response to touch. Touch will take place in various positions and postures and will sometimes use massage tables. The workshop is delivered in an honouring, respectful and playful atmosphere.

There will be some new levels and techniques of connection and communication explored within this Erotic Education offering. The workshop will take place over two days, from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm each day and will be held at a Hotel Meeting Room located in the Toronto Downtown Core.

The fee is $300.00 for the two days. Registration is required prior to this event. to register contact Phillip at

Future Dates for Dancing on the Ecstatic Path 2012
Winter – February
Saturday February 4th and Sunday February 5th. Present Phillip Coupal with William McMeniman

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Dancing on the Ecstatic Path ~ Bridging the energy of Earth and Sky with the Energy of the Heart

Taking action

Taking action helps. Taking action STOPS the freight train of procrastination. Taking action lets me feel and know that I am doing what I need to do. Taking action keeps me in the track.

Today I will continue to take action and grow the life I so desire.

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A new workshop being offered here in Toronto
Dancing on the Ecstatic Path for Men
Bridging the energy of Earth and Sky with the Energy of the Heart
A two-day exploration of Erotic Energy
Techniques will involve Touch, Breath and Movement
Toronto – Ontario – Canada
February 4th and 5th 2012
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