Self Care – Juicy Heart

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Challenge, Inspiration, Learning, Reflections
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Today is a day of care for me.

Today I will give myself some extra care. The delight and pleasure of refreshing energy as I prepare for the coming week. The extra care will be in allowing and permissing the dream and action of what lies ahead. I will spend some time today planning and conspiring over possibilities that lie ahead over the next few months.

Today I will be open to the balance of rejuvination. I look forward to the replenishing charge that some dreaming will bring. I relish in the excitement that builds around creating something new.

  1. AnitaAnswers says:

    Awesome! The awareness of self and the need for preparation and nurturing is one foundation for inner happiness.

    May you days, weeks and months be full of replenishing, refreshing care.

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