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Wise Men Sharing

Wednesday Afternoon Talking Circle
March 14, 2018

Share Wisdom
Share Experience
Share Inner Knowing

Join a Group of Courageous Men
Willing to Share from Life Learning

Create Connection
Relieve Isolation
Trust Intuition


  • I am looking towards this event with so much hope and love.
  • There is huge potential in exploring the power and wisdom of the elder.<3
  • Wednesday March 14 at the Awaken Studio
  • Pay what you are able option. 🙂

Wednesday Afternoon events designed to expand information and open participants to new inner awareness, internal integration and community connection. 

Talking events will take place in a traditional talking and sharing circle. Communication and sharing utilizes a compassionate and respectful communication technique. All participants are encouraged to participate with any sharing as they wish and have the right to pass.

Visit the website at:

Wise Men Sharing - a Wisdom Circle for ALL Men

Wise Men Sharing – a Wisdom Circle for ALL Men