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Awakening at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Masculine and Feminine


It is NOT the task of Men
to become more Masculine
or more Godlike
or for Women
to become more Feminine
or find their Goddess Self.
That is the Old Paradigm.
It is for us all
to awaken Both
inside each and everyone of us.
Not as an androgyne…
a weak distillation of both
but as a deeply strong
deeply powerful
and fiercely lovingly
fully integrated whole.
It is the inner marriage
of both
that will raise both poles
to greatness
and as we do
our co-dependant structures
inherited from an outwardly dependent world,
simply fall away.
From deep inner connection
we call to us then
a Oneness of Being
that brings a Bliss
and deep love
leading to such compassion…
such deep love…
~ Pete Wilson

Balance - A Tantric Practice Awaken Studio Toronto

Balance – A Tantric Practice Awaken Studio Toronto