Dreaming ~ Sexy ~ Fluid ~ Daring

Today I will dream. Dream the big dreams that could be seen as fantasy, could be interpreted as wanting too much. Today I will dream the whole and wild parts of myself into being. This is sexy allowing the dream to verge into reality. There is something that is visceral, exciting, sexy about allowing the dreams to loom big and real and full into who I am. The fluid quality that comes into my being when I allow for the dream to loom into reality keeps me going, fires my being and pushes me to create and grow to grasp the dream into my being. I can create a crucible for the dream this way. I can dare the dream to grow as I blow on the embers of my dream to watch the flames burst forth and the dream come to the edge of fruition.

Today I will dream BIG. Play in the sexy light of how the dream can come to life.

 Dreaming the BIG dreams ~ Ravenna 2010

For more about Dreaming BIG and Living Life OUT loud contact me at www.phillipcoupal.ca

  1. Posting this blog was very exciting today! I love the picture. Getting to Italy happened by letting the dream loom and grow into life.
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