Sustaining Pleasure – Juicy Heart

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Inspiration, Learning, Reflections
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Pleasure has been in the forefront for the past few days.

My great pleasure has actually been the meditative art of pressing Saris. Having cleaned these beautiful cloths that had adorned my body, they needed to be pressed. Doing this seeming chore was actually a meditative and delightful pursuit. Pressing the yards and yards of fabric woven, embroidered, painted and decorated allowed me to delve into an area where I had slowed down and there was little intrusion into my mind or other levels of my body.  Having brought my mind to rest, allowed for me to feel the pleasure that was there under the jumble of thoughts.

Pressing the Saris was a beautiful experience.

Today I will be in the simple beauty of restful pleasure.

Beauty Bestowed...



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