Keep Tightly Closed in a Cool Dry Place – Thoughts about this Toronto FRINGE Show

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Announcement, Art, Inspiration, Learning

Sunday July 10th.
Great show again!
Some thoughts about the show.

It is stunning and startling how the drama and intensity of this 55 minute show leaves the audience shell shocked.

In that brief 55 minutes the steely determination and fluidity of the three actors playing Jaspers, Michaels and Gregory, 3 inmates convicted of murder, sweeps the audience with the ballooning of fantasy, blurred into the bleakness of the momentary reality of these three convicts. The three actors in this show are dynamic and do a spellbinding job of stirring senses and emotions.

This one act play brings forth the raw and disturbing feelings that come forward when: masculine and feminine roles, sexuality and gender become unbalanced and unresolved. The audience is witness to lying, manipulation, murder, ambiguous and blatant- lust and desire, prison cell sex games gone wrong. The spiraling of energy spun by the actors leaves the audience disturbed and shaken wondering what horror they have been a part of.

Spinning this dramatic energy, weaving the plots and fantasies and dreams of these three men. The actors are able to cast a spell over the audience that takes breath and sense away.

KUDOS to the ensemble and their innate and committed ability to work with each other and share the depths of themselves, creating a vivid and startling theatrical experience.

This show is well rehearsed and choreographed. The simplicity of the setting and lack of visual distraction make the witnessing of the horrific dreams and surprising fantasies even more compelling.

Another great show. A sleeper within this FRINGE Festival, a must see. Well worth the effort to get to Theatre Passe Muraille at 16 Ryerson.

Agony and Ecstasy

  1. What happens when men are imprisoned within their sexuality and their gender role?
    Keep Tightly Closed in a Cool Dry Place, explores this very question.
    Toronto Fringe Festival at Theatre Passe Muraille 16 Ryerson Avenue, Toronto

  2. From:
    “This play must be seen to comprehend its power; reading the script will not convey the vastness of this one-act play. It is an absolute stunning work of art for three male actors. Megan Terry is one of the foremost American feminist playwrights and for this play alone she should be famous.
    Three men are in prison for the murder of the wife of one of them. In the course of ascribing blame and reliving the murder, the men become machines, cowboys, drag queens, 30’s-40’s tough guys; they dance, they sing; and why? Because, implies Ms. Terry, Men will do whatever it takes to rip out of themselves the Female within. The ending promises a resolution as touching as the rest of the play is harrowing. ”
    How true?
    Men will do whatever it takes to rip out of themselves the Female within

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