I am eternally grateful for the men who move through my life.

I am dedicated to creating safety, acceptance and a resounding welcome for diversity.
I am fervent about bringing compassion, grace and benevolence to the world.
I am always curious and I am forever treading into new territory.

I am happy when men will ask another question, seek more information, hang out long enough to create balance and harmony.

I my heart breaks and I am sad when men flee, run away or retreat from a journey into understanding, information and knowledge. This turning away saddens me not because of what I lose. This turning away saddens me at the forfeit of any potential that there is for the movement of more loving, kind and compassionate male energy into the universe.

#awakenstudiotoronto #phillipcoupalcounsellingcoachingbodywork#divinemasculine #sacredmaleenergy #embodiedexploration

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