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Wanna PLAY with BUTT – Experiential Erotic Explorations at the Awaken Studio Toronto

-♥- Awaken Studio Upstairs Unit 217B 276 Carlaw Avenue Toronto, ON M4M 3L1 Canada
-♥- Join Phillip Coupal and an adventuresome group of men as they explore nudity, erotic touch and the pleasure of exquisite touch. Find new information on a path honouring the deep mystery of anal touch.
-♥- $95.00 for the day
-♥- Sun, Nov 29, 10:00 am to Sun, Nov 29, 06:00 pm

Wanna PLAY with BUTT

Experiential Erotic Explorations for Men – PLAY Day
November 29, 2015

A full day of exploration, experiment and education.

This day will feature, demonstrate and create a laboratory for safe, uplifting and conscious exploration of anal touch.

The workshops takes place in a playful and creative setting. The techniques involved include: demonstration, play, touch, visualization, meditation, breath and movement. We will explore both sensual and erotic touch techniques through the day.

In the laboratory of this experimental educational event questions, uncertainty and wondering are all welcomed.

The workshop is delivered in the well equipped and private space provided by the Awaken Studio.

We will start at 10:00 am and be complete by 6:00 pm. Please arrive a little early (15 minutes) to ensure a prompt start time.

If you have concerns questions or need more information please contact me for an introductory interview before registering for this workshop.

Participants will be asked to make a personal agreement before you attend this event. This agreement about group behaviour will be outlined in a confirming letter and delivered to all participants.

Spaces are limited this group is limited to 10 participants.

If you are curious about this group and would like to have more information before you register please email and let me know your questions, comments or concerns at

These full day offerings can serve as a springboard to deeper understanding and self empowerment

Register and Pay in advance and SAVE
Register and pay on the website up to 7 days prior to the event and pay $95.00

There is no drop in available for this class all registrations must be complete the day prior to the class taking place.


Phillip Coupal


Sunday coming up…
Join a group of whole hearted men who are willing to explore within the sacred realms of desire, pleasure and intimacy.
Join an experience that is fresh and bold and deeply satisfying.
Join in an invitation to create abundant peace within the human body nurturing a greater understanding of unconditional loving regard and the practice of loving kindness.
Registration here:

Men 4 Men Touch Exchange - Sensual Touch with Tantric Exploration at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Men 4 Men Touch Exchange – Sensual Touch with Tantric Exploration at the Awaken Studio Toronto

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