Courage – Juicy Heart

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Inspiration, Learning
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Courage to ask…

Courage under the barrage of information …

Courage under fire …

Courage … feeling the fear and doing it anyway …

I feel inspired to be courageous as I have just been in the presence of courage. The men who I was with on the weekend were very courageous and that informs me and inspires me… My dear friend William is full of courage and that inspires me… My husband fills me with courage as I see him move forward… I am more able to gather courage to me as I feel the courage around me. 

I like how I feel when I am wrapped in the warmth of courage and determination. I like how I feel when I am aware of the clarity I can maintain when I am filled with a sense of courage. I feel like I can be an inspiration when I can be aware and present to my courage and the source of that flow of information and awareness.

Today I will move forward filled with courage and inspiration.

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