An amazing weekend at the Awaken Studio.
Friday evening a movie – A Quiet Passion. 
Saturday morning a Naked Yoga class – with Kevin. 
Saturday afternoon an introductory touch class – First Touch 
Sunday a glorious day – Sensual Touch with Tantric Exploration. 
Thrilled to bring such vibrant connection to the courageous men willing to gather at the Awaken Studio to practice generosity, compassion, kindness and grace. 
I am blessed! 

Glorious men gathered all through the weekend.
 Friday evening we watched A Quiet Passion, a movie by Terence Davies about the American poetess, Emily Dickinson. A beautiful and lyrical portrayal of an often misunderstood life. Queer Heart Explores Cinema, a quiet community gathering of men willing to enjoy their love of the art of cinema.

 Saturday morning getting to the studio to warm it up and create an inviting space for the men who gathered to practice yoga, stretching, moving and breathing.  Naked Yoga for Men, a warm and welcome space for men to share the practice of yoga.

 Saturday afternoon, a quick transition to open the space to a new group of men. Men gathering together to explore new concepts of community. The slow and conscious practice of intention with clear consent. First Touch – an Introduction, is a delight as the men open to new realms of connection to themselves and those who they are with, touching and breathing.

 Sunday was a glorious day. Warm and bright, the heavens shone down on the men and the space. The exploration, a slow practice of generosity. Allowing touch to create balance, awareness and insight. The conscious experiment of building and harnessing erotic and sexual energy, taking this energy and opening it to purpose, power and connection. The magical quality of connection as we stood in the power of treating each other and ourselves with compassion, kindness and grace. Sensual Touch with a Tantric Exploration, men open their senses and desires to create an erotic experience.

I am grateful for the presence and the trust of the 20 men who graced the Awaken Studio, bringing and sharing their light and shadow, their heart and spirit.
I am blessed. 

Friday March 2 to 4, 2018 at the Awaken Studio Toronto.

Amazing Weekend March 2 3 and 4 2018 www.awakenstudiotoronto.com

Amazing Weekend March 2 3 and 4 2018 http://www.awakenstudiotoronto.com

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