Gratitude Day 39 -♥- Juicy Heart at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Posted: September 18, 2014 in -♥-, Awaken Studio, Gratitude


I am grateful for the Men who pass through my LIFE









-♥- I am grateful for all that those men who move in and out of my life provide. Each gift that is brought brings me closer and closer to who I am as myself. Funny thing is, very often I am so ungracious that I do not realize the opportunity, the challenge, the grace that is being delivered to me. I regret this lack of grace. I am determined though to feel my strength and my spirit and allow these to shine through no matter what.  Love and Gratitude to all of those men who show me who I am. -♥-

Gratitude Day 39 at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Gratitude Day 39 at the Awaken Studio Toronto


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