Gratitude Day 4 -♥- Juicy Heart at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Posted: August 14, 2014 in -♥-, Awaken Studio, Gratitude
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Grateful for HOPE

Grateful for the role that HOPE plays in my life.

  • Hope can be the warm and soft place that I can return to.
  • Hope can restore and help to rejuvenate my spirits.
  • Hope can bring me lightness and softness when times are hard.

What does HOPE do for you?

Gratitude Day 4 at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Gratitude Day 4 at the Awaken Studio Toronto

  1. Robert Knight says:

    So the first thing that came to mind “Hope” H- Honestly each person needs and wants it -its how we move here on Earth if you can’t be honest with yourself how can you be honest with your partner ./ O- Openess -You need to be open with the person you Love +care for because when it comes to it That is your True Love -No matter what anybody has to say or think because- they don’t put food on your table .// P – Purpose – WE all. Have a purpose here on Planet Earth – its how you look at it and define it . // E- Everlasting Love – This is your true friend and lover who will never screw you over and hold you back and steal from you and has your back . One day when you get old and grey “which” it wiill happen you both smoke some weed on your porch and laugh at life .WOW what a freaking trip Man !!
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