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News Update and Events June 2013  
Phillip Coupal 
Counselling + Coaching + Bodywork

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June a Month of Emancipation and PRIDE

Events June 
Movement for Men
Awaken Kundilini Life Force Energy 


Community Gathering
Heart Jam
For Men Loving Men
Touch Introduction
Explore and Define Erotic Touch
Ninety minutes on Thursday evenings, dedicated to opening the body with Breath, Movement and Meditation. Experience intimacy on a journey into often unexplored territory.Offered
Thursday 7- 8:30 pm
Life Force Movement
Join in with a group of whole hearted men. Be seen, heard and witnessed. This sharing circle is rooted in the work of Harry Hay and forms a bonding and safe place for free expression.Offered
Saturday June 29 7-10
Want to know more about your body and the relationship between Body and Spirit. Would you like to let you body come alive without shame or guilt. Begin the voyage of discovery with a Private Introductory Session.Offered
Wednesday 7-10 pm
Touch Explorations

Touch Exchange
Sensual Touch
Tantric Exploration
Individual Session
Erotic Healing
Touch  Experience
Touch Exchange 
Taoist Erotic
Massage Exchange


New for the Summer. Sensual and healing touch combined with a Tantric Exploration. 
Discover the Healing Power of Pleasure, Breathe into sensation.
Saturday June 8 1-6
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Pride Edition
Friday June 28 1-6
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Explore the power of sensual and erotic touch. Registration for Session is now offered on line. Create safety and expand into a new awareness.Offered
Evenings and Weekends
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A stimulating and energizing experience. Embody the pleasure of giving and receiving genital touch in a safe, honouring and playful environment.Offered
Sunday June 16 1-6
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Pride Edition
Saturday June 29 1-6
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Summer Pleasure Camp
Create Your OWN
Kama Sutra
Studio Project
of YOUR Closet

Community Creation
Create an
Awakening Tree 


Awaken the Pleasures and Treasures of your Erotic Life. 
Summer Intensive – Play Camp for Men at the Awaken Studio downtown Toronto. July 14 to 21.
The pricing for the workshop has changed, please note that the fee for the whole week is $500.00 with registration and payment prior to June 30 and $750.00 from the 1st of July until the 13th.
This workshop is limited to 10 participants.
July 14 to July 21
Kama Sutra Pleasure  
Picture a place where you can play.Play in an atmosphere where you are not judged, shameless, free of guilt. Come and play in the closet of your choice.A new addition to the space at Awaken Studio. This will be in place for the fall season. Picture how much fun this could be.Donate
If you have a contribution or a donation that you can make to either closet please let me know by email
As part of my work this summer. I will be building, nurturing and creating a project that will manifest in an “AWAKENING TREE“.This tree will be a landing place a nest and home for wishes, desires, hopes, dreams and all that anyone might wish to have awaken in their life. The project is inspired by the  YOKO ONO Hope Tree and the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice.Email your words to:
I will hang them in the tree, or you can bring them yourself.
Phillip Coupal
Phillip Coupal


Phillip Coupal
Hearing and witnessing the depth of life stories as men become more accepting, understanding and compassionate in their lives, nurturing: truth, hope and kindness.

Individuals and Couples
Working with men and male couples to: vision, develop and implement new problem solving skills and behaviours, allowing for sustainable, maintainable results.Individuals and Couples
Working with all who manifest as men, to create a safer, more peaceful and loving world with conscious expression of erotic and life force energies, embodied in touch.
Individuals and Groups

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