Being a Tourist in my life.

Today as I went for a walk I pictured the importance of being a tourist. I experienced the freshness and the excitement of new simply by visiting a familiar spot and opening myself to a fresh perspective.

This tourist is able to see and experience what is new, what is unknown, what has not been experienced. This tourist is on an adventure, a voyage of discovery. The vibrancy and impact of seeing and experiencing, even the vaguely familiar, from a fresh or different view-point  can be a huge pick me up.

This morning being a tourist while on my walk gave me some information. This was to experience life from a fresh perspective,  this can be a different and maybe even exciting perspective, a perspective where everything can be seen, experienced, savoured as being new. From this view-point, this observation deck I can bring the energy and the open mind of a tourist into my own life.

Today I will explore being a tourist in my life.

Life as a Tourist

Life as a Tourist

  1. Paul Barber says:

    TOURIST EYES: brilliant.

  2. Tourist experience… Everything is always more exciting, stimulating and invigorating while you are on vacation!

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