This day feels like the beginning to me. It was not a week ago or even 12 days ago… this day feels like the start.

Today is a day that will be full of abundance and wisdom… This of course was the day that the Magi arrived… That is as far as my magical mind will go into the mysteries of Christianity. I prefer to follow a much more pagan and far more disorganized path…

Saturday was most amazing because I was able to be a part of an initiative for the movie “Epiphany” by Andrew Adams… A movie of how a man finds redemption through touch on a massage table. The making of this movie is something that I have supported for a couple of years. It is very heartening to see it coming together with a shooting date set for sometime at the end of March of this year. If you would like more information or are interested in supporting this ground breaking adventure, contact Andrew.

Over the last seven days I have had my own “Epiphany” around how I advertise and promote my services. On Saturday I set up meeting groups on social media (where I am not censored, but allowed). You will see much more of the Awaken Studio in the course of this year.

As I start the Salon Series on Wednesday evening I am growing exited and continuing to open rather than shut down in anticipatory anxiety… Breathing, Smiling and Action all help. The M4M Touch Exchange group will happen on Sunday January 13th. Registration is still open.

Let your Light Shine at Awaken Studio

I continue to be inspired by the “Gypsy” chandelier. All that LIGHT. All that COLOUR. All that SPARKLE. YUM


Check the website for current information: Phillip Coupal – Counselling + Coaching + Bodywork


  1. Marie says:

    Even away from it, the chandelier inspires me! So do you, Phillip!!

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