I am riding a wave of excitement!

My heat is thumping. My eyes are tearing. My chest is expansive. My breath is deep. My body is open.

Today I took a huge step. I placed my new website up LIVE. It is very pink. I am so happy to have been able to create this new step for myself and my business.

The new site: www.phillipcoupal.ca

Loving the JUICY Heart feeling as men begin to Subscribe… You can subscribe here: Subscribe page

Lots to do to build the community around me that I so long for.

Juicy Heart Unfolding

Juicy Heart Unfolding http://www.phillipcoupal.ca

  1. John Peters-Campbell says:

    Congratulations, Phllip. I’m very proud of you and hope we get to talk soon.



    • John How wonderful that you are half a world away or more… and you read this blog! Come to Toronto the Awaken Studio is awesome. The work is amazing and life changing. Remembering the heat of Northern California on a brilliant August day…lounging on the deck of the YURT. Sending you much LOVE and leaps of gratitude. Hugs and playful kisses… Phillip of the Juicy HEART.

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