Gratitude and Mining Diamonds -♥- Juicy Heart

Posted: October 2, 2012 in -♥-, Abundance, Erotic Exploration Workshops
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Mining some diamonds…

  • The diamonds of connection and acceptance,
  • The diamonds that are found in relationship and friendship,
  • The diamonds that are found in the life I live and in the world that is around me,
  • Mining the diamonds that are found within me, my gifts and talents and the love that I have
  • and then sharing these diamonds with others.

This from a friend, “...I think you’re on to something when you acknowledge that as you move more deeply into your gifts and your resolve to share them with other men–that’s where your healing lay.  I’m proud of you, Phillip.  Keep stepping forward…”

Always looking to what I can bring and how I can be of service to my community.

Loving the JUICY Heart!

Gratitude and Mining Diamonds

Gratitude and Mining Diamonds

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