The physical act of smiling.

The very action of smiling begins to shift me from what might be a hard focus, a stern gaze. Allowing for the physical action and the chemical stimulation that comes with smiling creates a shift in my being. This change in my being in turn shifts my attitude and shifts my focus, softens not only my physical countenance but softens my mental state.

If smiling could be the beginning of action this could be a good place to start any kind of action.

Today I will smile and soften.

Smiling INTO Action – November 2011
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  1. it is true I also believe smile at everyone you never know what kind of day week month LIFE they have had and a smile says a thousand words I also feel a smile is as contagious as a yawn, you can make someone’s day by such a simple action and as you said yourself you can make yourself feel better too! x

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